stems isolation on windows


Is stems isolation possible on the windows version ?

  • Pioneer DJ DDJ FLX4
  • Google pixel 7

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Hi @Lucien, yes Neural Mix (STEMS) is available on the new windows version of djay Pro. Professional DJ App for Windows - djay Pro by Algoriddim


Hi, thanks for the reply.
How to control this effect ? Cause i got a particular controller as mentioned. Do i use the shift button combined with a particular button for example ?

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You’re welcome @Lucien.

  1. I personally don’t have a Pioneer DDJ-FLX4 so I’m not 100% sure how it has been MIDI Mapped for Neural Mix.
  2. I suspect that one of the Performance Pad modes has been mapped to Neural Mix Solo and Mute.
  3. Also, I can offer a quick solution for controlling Neural Mix on any hardware. Via the user interface you can easily swap the EQ controls (High, Mid, Low) for Neural Mix controls (Vocals, Instruments, Drums).
  4. After changing this, the EQ controls on your FLX4 will now control Vocals, Instruments and Drums instead of High EQ, Mid EQ and Low EQ.
  5. Alternatively, you can remap one of the pad modes yourself to control Neural Mix functions like Mute and Solo. Custom MIDI mapping in djay is quite easy and intuitive.

To add another alternative to the one Slak_Jaw mentioned,
You could map it to Shift + the Eq dials, this way you have the Eq dials still working as usual but have the Neural effect as well


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