Step sequencer for sampler

It would nice to have a step sequencer for the sampler to make things drum loops quickly as opposed to having to finger drum them in.


I do wonder if that’s going too much down the music production path. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I think it’d be better/easier than tapping things in & potentially combined with looper & pitch play could be pretty effective.

However, I do wonder at that stage if you’re better off using Ableton or something.

I mean in my opinion if you have any sequencer at all why not make it easier to use. I don’t think being able to step sequence on the fly is any more or less in the realm of music production than having to finger drum on the fly. There are 16 sample slots if I’m not mistaken which could easily turn into a step sequencer for a selected sample. It’s not like I think I full piano roll should open up or something.

An alternative and maybe easier solution would to be able time stretch loops loaded into the sample slots to your desired bpm.

Hey @Themainman3 ,

Thanks for reaching out about this feature request and for your ongoing support!

I’ve made sure it’s brought to the attention of our Dev Team for future consideration.

In addition, if other users also feel this feature would be useful, we encourage them to vote on this topic thread as well so we have a better idea of the interest from others in our community.


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