Stereo Master and Cuing with Numark idj pro

Where get I to know when the update is ready and tested, that numark idj pro allows cueing and stereo master at the same time?

It’s out now! Download the DJay update from the App Store and when you plug in the iPad it updates the firmware on the iDJpro to have full 4-channel audio. I’ve been using it all night and it works a treat!

I’ll let you know (here) as soon as the update is available.

Update: iDJ Pro now supports multi-channel output on iOS 6 with djay for iPad 1.6.3.

Hi, I’ve updated my iPad and the firmware on my Idj Pro, but my iPad is the original model still running iOS5. will this still work OK?


Great News! I reordered my back-given Numark iDj Pro Equipment and it will be there tomorrow. Download has already been made.

geat, update of ipad done, now waiting on delivery of the back geveb numark idj pro, hope its arriving today! Warren you remember my promise of some bottles jägermeister for the team when marking of played tracks more than 60 minutes is realized???

meant great…

I got a new numark midday, had ios 6 and the new algoriddim software. made an easy update to the numark machine, had a hard test over tree hours and there was noc crash or so… there a so less tehings to optimize the software.: played mark and visual waveform under one masterline to optimize tracjs not only aurl but also visual… great stuff if continued.

sorry ́bout the iphone “corrections” but i think anyone knows what i mean…