Stereo pre-cueing with Fiio L11?

Maybe I missunderstood something, but when I ordered this 30 pin plug (Fiio L11) I thought the newest djay app with ios6.0.1 will send perfect stereo sign both through the main jack out and through the 30 pin dock the fiio device’s one. It just doesn’t happen. When I plug it in, I get the two signals separated in the headphone channels, but no signals coming from the other output. Can someone tell me please how can I fix this? Was this fiio just a waste of money? :confused: Thank you for your help!

Hi Andris,

You need an actual “sound card” (or HDMI). It looks like that adapter only reroutes the iPad’s built-in line output.

Thank you Warren! Then I would like to ask one more thing. Which sound card is the best choice, to have a really small and reliable one that works perfectly with the djay?