Stereo Recording even when using "Split Output"

I understand that the company line is something to the effect of “When using ‘Split Output’, the sound is basically downmixed to 2 separate mono signals (1 main, 1 pre-cueing)”

Forcing the internal recorder to only record that downmixed signal is completely unacceptable. This app’s best use, no matter what you guys may wish, is for making mixtapes. As such, excellent sound quality should absolutely be the paramount focus as no one, (no one!) is going to connect their iPad to a house club system to dj with; I understand that clubs are often mono or whatever.

If I wanted to connect a controller, external soundcard or anything else to my iPad, I would use my laptop. What I want is a way to hear the master on one side of my headphones and the cue on the other side as I craft a mix that is recorded in wav(!) so that I can export it and do what I please with it.

Instead, I get a stupid aiff file that is mixed down to mono and sounds like dookie.

This is the exact reason I abandoned djay nearly a year ago in spite of how fun it is to mix on. I took a chance on djay2 only to find the exact same recording parameters. I seriously question what the heck you guys are doing when you spend so much effort recreating 2 turntable decks on the iPad screen only to suggest that we all buy controllers or soundcards to actually get a proper quality recording.

I’m not going to name names but you people know who your competition is and there is a dj app that lets you split cue while not recording the downmixed mono signal so you have a nice internal stereo recording in wav format no less. That tells me that it can be done. This isn’t rocket science; I’m not about to buy an overpriced controller for my ipad and not about to use this app at a gig for goodness sake. I would, however, love to make banging mix tapes during my commute that do not sound like crap because they have been needlessly downmixed to mono.

Hi Tucker,

Thanks for your honest feedback.

Of course it can be done, but we decided against it for performance reasons.

Nevertheless, I’ll change this into a feature request (= idea).

Hi Kev,

Please see my reply to your other post. By the way, please help us maintain the forum by making sure to only post replies related to the original topic. Thanks!

Hi Warren. Can I record in stereo from the idj pro with djay 2 on ios 6? The aif files I get when I use the recording feature on djay 2 seem to be poor quality which points to them recording in mono? Thanks