Sticker Lock feature like Seratos

As a dvs dj, sticker lock has been one of the best features I use in every set, song, playlist etc. So far Serato has been the only one to do it. At home ill play with Algoriddim but at the bar or events im always going back to Serato for this feature alone…

Hi @DJ3Lemental, welcome to the community. This sounds like a great suggestion. Can you please provide more details about what exactly you’d like to see as far as Sticker Lock goes with djay Pro AI? I’m not a DVS DJ myself, but I checked out the Sticker Lock Control Vinyl Tutorial and Demo video on YouTube. Thanks!

… if I got you well, you need as a sticker sign on record, right? If so, it already have on official control vinyl of DJay Pro on both side. Lets check it.

Hi @DJ3Lemental, I’m just following up on this one again to see if you can provide more details about this suggestion. Thanks.

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