Stopping/Pausing a sample

I am trying to figure out, when triggering a sample, is it possible to stop it from playing before it completes? this would be useful for longer samples

this has been brought up before but unfortunately Samples have to play right through, which is annoying…
Hopefully a fix will come about soon

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Yes, you can stop a sample part way through.

You can midi map a controller button to stop a playing sample.

On my SX2 I have shift and pad set to stop the sample.

So I can start it with the relevant pad and if I want to stop it I press shift and the same pad.

NB -

  1. Not all controllers have a shift button,
  2. there is no ‘stop all’ command so you have to set each one independently.
  3. No use at all without a controller in the first place!



Thanks Sootee, I will try that out.

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It works fine for Rane 70.

Now that you bring this up, that’s a great suggestion. I always have to use the sampler volume to cut the sound.

You can use one midi button to stop all 16 samples playing at once ie. Stop all

Just assign a midi button to stop sample 1, then use the duplicate function to add the other 15 to the same button (or however you want to configure it).



Good call….

I’ve told people about using duplicate for other things but never thought of doing it for this….:flushed:

This is funny.

I have been doing this for years, but by editing the midi mapping file directly and duplicating the button’s function. Which was time consuming.

I only thought about doing it in the app after reading your post (sootee) telling someone to use the duplicate feature for another purpose, and at that point I didn’t even know that feature existed :rofl:

Much better having a Stop all as it’s sometimes crazy to try and remember which sample button you were playing and also having to change from cues to sample on the controller when you hit the sample on the iPad screen can lead to disaster. I have one button that stops all. Would be good to have this on the sample screen too, next to the volume :wink:


You are so right. I never take advantage of the duplicate feature in MIDI controls and I forgot the stop sample control is in MIDI settings

Between myself and @SteNight I think we’ve totally cracked this one!

All we need now is a GUI button to achieve this for those without a controller.


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midi mapping about samples pad is in mac Djay Pro or in IOS djay Pro too? i haven’t see nothing (only sampler volume) to map about samples :frowning:

hi, i have this question about sampler controller mapping, when i had Pioneer Ddj-Ergo controller i had a button mapped “sampler pad page”, now i have connected a Denon Mc-6000 Mk2 conteoller and i can’t map this :frowning: in all mapping sections pages i don’t have this mapping script…why? thanks