STORE LOOPS - should be priority #1 in the next update

This is a wonderful new program - the Spotify integration is immensely useful. But I do cannot stress enough the value of STORING LOOPS in a DJ software. If you have only a cue point stored versus an entire loop, you have no idea how long you can play the song from that point, and therefore have to listen to the entire loop you’ve just created before you know it’ll mix well. That can add up to 8 seconds on transitions. Moreover, programs like Serato and Traktor allow you to quickly adjust the loop you have stored; move, halve or double it. For me, and I think many other DJs, this is the key difference between using djay PRO as a fun mobile app and a professional music software.

Digging around in the Midi controls there appears to be a Loop Cue function that stores loops. It would make sense that this feature is in there as it’s on the Pioneer CDJs that Djay supports. But for the life of me I can’t figure out how to get it to work.

Thanks a lot for your feedback, Brian!

It seems to work together with the existing cue point 1-3. You can define a “cue out” 1-3 and then when you select “loop” it loops this section.

I’ve mapped it to my Reloop Neon and it works great.…

I agree. This seriously inhibits the ability of Djay 2 to be a realistic substitute for Serato. Please change this. Real DJs will appreciate it.

Hi there,

i pushed this feature request on the internal user feature request list.
Thank you guys for your feedback.

Lukas E.

I agree - a must have feature for any DJ software never mind “pro” software.

Any news on saved loops as a feature?

Any news on saved loops Lucas? Or is Djay going to be the “nearly” or “almost” software rather than the “complete” software

I agree. I believe they are working on it. When it will arrive though is anyone’s guess.

One step at a time hey…

Agreed. This is the only big feature that’s missing for me. It’s also the issue that’s stopping a friend but the app! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE include it in the next update. Thanks!

If it’s in progress, another feature that’s be great is activate upcoming loops! So handy!