Strange skipping at the track beginning when hitting play

I’ve just started using Djay app on iOS and I’m noticing with some tracks there is a strange skip when I press play knocking it completely out of sync and I’m not sure why. Is this down to a setting I need to change somewhere?

Here’s a video with an example if the issue:

The app tries to sync at the nearest downbeat which is the yellow line on the tracks’ waveform. If you would like to change the downbeat then you must rewrite the Grid Start from the edit tool (pencil) on the waveform. See photo for help. I’m using iPad but it’s the same on iPhone.

Hi @MattWilkie,

Adding to what @Garrett_Smith said, I’d also like to mention that you could try to deactivate the SYNC function in order to manually set the play moment.

You can find more information here: How does the Sync function work? – Algoriddim Support.


Great really helpful replies thanks both I will try both of these options :slight_smile:

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