Strange sound with CDJ2000NX2

Hello, im using djay pro 2 with a new macbook and 2 cdj2000nxs. I have a problem then. everything with spotify works perfect. Using audiofrom cdj\s en connect each cdj with a usb cable. But i have a very strange sound like a sweep or something . Do you have any idea what the problem is?
It sounds like a sweep or strange pitch thing, with violins or high voices you hear it the best
With house beats you dont hear it that much


How did you changed it? Same problem here and I can’t find the way to get it… :/:/:confused:

Hi Kevin,

good to hear things are back to normal.

If you have any other question or feedback, let us know.

Lukas E.

Found the problem, bitrate to 41,1 in my macbook settings helped!!