Strange sync behaviour with DJ Pro

I am using DJ Pro desktop app (5.1.3) on a MacBook Pro

I have 2 tracks. Dela Soul - The Magic Number, and Vanilla Ice - Ice, Ice, Baby. Their tempos are 121 and 116 so well within each others tempo zones.

The Magic Number is playing at 115.4 (-4.3%) and coming to the end so I sync Ice Ice Baby and it’s playing in sync at 115.4 (-0.3%) but at the very end of Magic Number (the last second or two) Ice Ice Baby Jumps up to a much faster tempo. I think it’s because maybe DJ Pro gets confused with the very end of Magic Number and detects it as suddenly going faster, when it’s not, and this pushes up the tempo of Ice, Ice Baby. Is there any way of avoiding this?

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No such problem here (on Windows). I can play TMN and bring in IIB. Nothing jumps.

Are you using Fluid Beatgrid? If you just play TMN on its own, does the BPM figure change at the end?

I have the same issue occasionally. With 2 streaming services, don’t use local tracks.
It happens when the ‘from’ track not properly stops, i.e. it stops playing, but the UI shows as if the track still plays, i.e. it does not return to track begin and the start button does not blink. After stopping the ‘from’ track manually, sync starts working properly again.

Edit: Also on macbook pro.

That’s a good point actually. I was playing local files.

@Sparkomatic were you streaming the music? If so, from where?

Yeah, it is also random as far as tracks are concerned, almost never the same 2 tracks and the same 2 tracks mix ok the next time.

OK, so TMN is running at 120.6 (0%) and at 5 seconds to go it jumps to 125.2 and then at 2 seconds to go to 131.9.

It must be fluid beat grid - it’s on by default. Can I get it to ignore the end?

Or, I have sync off on TMN and turn sync on on IIB to match the tempo, then can I turn sync off IIB so TMN syncs to IIB rather than IIB syncing to TMN.

I’m not using a streaming service, they are saved locally on my MacBook, after purchasing on iTunes or Apple Music store (whatever it’s called now).

OK, so TMN is running at 120.6 (0%) and at 5 seconds to go it jumps to 125.2 and then at 2 seconds to go to 131.9.

This is different from what I experienced, different issue.

@Sparkomatic That’s odd as my local file is the same tempo all the way through. You can try to edit the grid at the end, or try setting it to straight instead of fluid.

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Thanks for the input and suggestions @PKtheDJ!

@Sparkomatic and @Brainbox please refer to the linked FAQ article for tips on using the new beatgrid system on macOS:

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In TMN the song naturally slows down for the last bar after the breakbeat stops (rallentando). Fluid has decided to treat this as 2 bars rather than one, so the BPM increases rather than decreases but either way having IIB sync’d to it is going to cause an undesired change in bpm.

I think you could instead re-sync TMN to IIB after you start the mix so IIB is now the master and the tempo remains consistent. Quick demo for clarity:

Hi, I have this problem aswell and it usually happens when one off the tracks speed up/slow down.

That’s what happens when using sync. One track syncs to the other, so if the lead track speeds up, the other track follows the change.


Instead of relying on auto-sync option, you should manually adjust the tempo of “Ice Ice Baby” to match “The Magic Number” before the end of the track. The reason is that it will help in maintaining consistent tempo without sudden jumps.