Stream files from Cloud services (djay 2 & vjay)

Both of your apps are pretty impressive and you continue to prove that the features are limitless. With your most recent update to djay 2 you integrated Spotify. This confirms that it is possible to stream files in your mix rather than play them directly from your device. Which is pretty amazing to say the least.

With that being said, I would like to see integration with cloud services which would allow a user to stream files from their cloud(s). I saw a request on here for googles cloud, which isn’t a bad idea. But why limit it to just one cloud? Why not allow streaming from multiple cloud services?? Personally, I would like to see integration with Mega cloud (can’t go wrong with 50gb of cloud storage!!). Maybe algoriddim could include some type of cloud storage with purchase of their apps?? I think allowing cloud streaming for both of your apps would be very exciting and awesome!

Thanks for reading - Ni$e