Stream to social media sites?

What is the best way to do this with the iPad app? Be awesome if it were integrated like VirtualDJ. Right now I am using an external controller with the usb camera adapter. I am only using Twitch right now. I tried Streamlabs OBS, but my older laptop can’t hack it plus I wasn’t sure how to get the audio to it so it was using the mic. Not good. I don’t care about the iPad camera, I have another camera to use for video.


I guess not? nobody does this? :upside_down_face:

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of course we are interested in this feature!
djay is a mobile app so streaming directly to Twitch would be great :slight_smile: (when you’re abroad without laptop for example)
i also own my twitch channel (drum&bass junglist :v:t5:) and for now you could use Twitch or Streamlabs directly on the iPad and stream with it : just use the screen record option of the iPad into the control center, and send its output to Twitch or Streamlabs or Larix Screencaster.

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I set up my iPad for streaming by using a USB hub which has an LAN, HDMI out, USB for DJ controller and it works great. I also use a USB keyboard, external SSD, audio out for headphones (precueing because my SZ2 master isn’t capable of capturing the mixer channels due to class compliant controller). It all works great with OBS if you set it up correctly.

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Ok, interesting. I also have an iPad 2020 and a USB-hub, with the Pioneer DDJ-SX. I wonder, do you connect an external camera or do you use the internal one on the iPad? When you say you use OBS, you mean OBS Streamlabs, right? Cheers

Hi @dbinott,

Currently there is not an official solution when it comes to streaming to social media sites but that is something we can look into as a feature suggestion.

@DJ_Norm Could you explain in greater detail your current setup as it seems like an interesting solution to this problem.

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