Streaming djay live via Zoom

Is anyone out there streaming DJ sets live via Zoom? I’m using Zoom’s screen/sound sharing feature but having issues getting it to stream djay’s audio directly rather than through the MaBook’s built in mic. With other apps like Quicktime, Zoom will pull audio directly from the app at full quality.

Anyone else trying this?

Hi @Plexigary!   Zoom is not meant to do audio streaming.  Zoom is a video chat app. Its audio quality may be enough to (roughly) understand speach. But it is not meant to stream high quality audio!

For a really very simple one click solution have a look at facebook live streams. Yeah I know, one might like facebook or not. But hey its completely free and the quality is acceptable.

If you are willing to invest some more time (and optionally money) than have a look at youtube streaming.

And if you really wanna dive deep into this, then install a dedicated stream encoding software …

Maybe you need to use an audio routing app like Loopback 2 or Audio Hijack ? I have never tried Zoom, but I use Audio Hijack to route DJay Pro 2 output to a Shoutcast server.

If you change the audio output to Zoom in Preferences this works pretty well for me, but I experience a delay between the audio that reaches the laptop speaker and the audio in my headphones making it difficult to beatmatch.