streaming from DJAY2 to Gramofon.

I suggest the option to add support to stream music to other AirPlay like “over the air” devices, such as Gramofon.

Thanks for posting your idea.

This is literally the same exact thing as adding a wireless speaker to your setup. I also think you have this a little backwards. It is Gramafon who decides who or what to support not the other way around. Furthermore they already DO support Spotify.

Lastly the product you linked supports streaming services. Djay is not a streaming service. It is a DJ application which happens to support a streaming service as well.

If you want to play music wirelessly from your mobile device you already have at least two options. You can use any bluetooth enabled speaker or device OR you can introduce wireless PA speakers.

Lastly I wouldn’t recommend EITHER if you are DJing professionally as ANY wireless features also introduces latency otherwise known as lag which is a Pro DJs enemy.

Out of curiosity what exactly are you trying to gain here? As in what will this add that you can’t already do?

Is this already possible, would be great!

Yes! I was dissapointed to find out that I couldn’t stream to Gramofon. DJay and Spotify definitely dropped the ball on this one. I wonder how many people would switch to DJay if they knew they could access pretty much any song they desire from Spotify AND then stream their DJ set wirelessly? I’m sure there’s a huge market out there!!!