Streaming Service Suggestions

Im currently using Tidal streaming but with stems being removed, I’m looking for suggestions on streaming services. Pros and cons if you like on Beatsource and Beatport. Not too fussed on offline playback. Thanks in advance

Hi @Ratty73, welcome to the community. My personal preference as a long time djay user is Beatport LINK Professional. For the type of music I play, they have a vast library that is well organized. Also, I’m a huge fan of the offline locker as I rarely purchase tracks anymore. This gives me the confidence that my tracks are always available no matter what the wifi or cellular situation is at my gigs.

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Also make sure to vote here: When Deezer will be available on Day Pro

As of now there are no signs Deezer is limiting stems on other platforms. And implementing it basically is a piece of cake.

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