Streaming to Mixcloud with DJ Pro

DJ Pro is extremely good , my recordings are of good quality and I upload my recorded programmes to Mixcloud ok , I decided then to go live to Mixcloud , but DJ Pro does not seem to work for going live , volume on the stream is very very low and poor , any help or advice would be great

Kind Regards. Joe

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Hiya niphotos.

What’s your setup?

I would suggest using OBS and a USB audio interface to your computer you’re streaming from. Plug your mixer/controller Master (or booth) into the input on the USB interface and have an Audio input on OBS with the interface as the source. That should get you going no problem. I recommend the standard iRig Stream. Don’t get the IRig 2 or something like that. You want the iRig Stream with the 2 RCA inputs on it. If your controller or mixer has RCA outputs, you can just plug a RCA cable between the two and you’re off and running! I personally have a PC with an ASUS STX II sound card in it, which has very good inputs and outputs. I run the sound into it and then just point the OBS audio input source to the “Line” of the soundcard and I’m good. Good luck!