Stuck at "Please click 'OK' to allow djay to access your iTunes library"

My iTunes library is rather extensive, so it is located on an external Firewire drive.

Every time I load djay it says: “Your iTunes library is located outside the Music folder. Please press ‘OK’ to allow djay to access your library”. It tries to guess that my library is in my Documents folder.

I press OK, and the window just comes back again. I then select the hard drive where the library actually exists, press OK and it still asks me the same question.

I’m stuck and can’t access the software at all!


Thanks for contacting us.

Please try the following:

  • quit iTunes
  • quit djay
  • open “Disk Utility” (under Applications -> Utilities)
  • select “Macintosh HD” and click on “Repair Disk Permissions”
  • wait until it’s finished
  • alt-click (= press and hold the alt button while clicking) on the iTunes icon
  • select “Choose Library”
  • browse and choose the folder where your iTunes library is stored
  • quit iTunes again
  • start djay again
  • when asked, simply click on “OK” and do not browse to any other folders

Please try the steps in my initial reply above and let me know if it doesn’t work.

Please send an email to support(at) so we can troubleshoot the issue together.

Happy to hear that. Thanks for letting me know!

This is a great conversation that’s separate from the main one, so I created a new conversation to continue the discussion.

Please reference the new conversation here: How to sync music to iPad

Had the same problem, even though my library is on my Mac (and I didn’t do anything save for adding new music) and the message “Your iTunes library is located outside the Music folder. Please press ‘OK’ to allow djay to access your library” just appeared after 2 years of never having a problem.
I followed the steps mentioned above, seems to work fine now, but any idea as to what caused the problem?

Worked perfectly for me!

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Load Song Error.

Whenever I add a song to the turntable, I get the popup “this song is located outside the music folder. Please click “OK” to allow djay to load this song.” Why do I keep getting this error and how do I make it stop? Thanks

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Access media folder issue.


So trying to be clear, when i launch DJAY, everything’s run fine… I’ve got all my playlists on the left side.
BUT, when i launch the "AUTOMIX " function, i’ve got this pop-up window coming…
I mean every time… in the same session…
not a big deal, but i need to strike my computer keyboard to validate… each time… while mixing…
this issue occurs on my macbook pro under Mavericks 10.9.4 with Djay 4.2.2
With Snow Leopard on another partition… NO PROblem…
But, i Had to go to Mavericks, to use my Kontrol X1mk2 :frowning:

Hi Warren,

Already did it before posting… and i got this

I’ve been browsing for folders in both Hard drives… “Mavericks” and “Snow Leo” but same result.
I’m a bit scarded to mess up things creating a “new library”

Thanks for helping me out

Hi Warren,

Kindda “sorry” :slight_smile: to say DJAY now works flawlessly !
I did a “full” clean install of Mavericks this week-end.
Always worth the hassle…


Hopefully DJAY 4.3 … or such will see the light soooon…

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Problems Uploading iTunes Library.

Just updated Djay to 4.2.1. When I open the app now it says my iTunes library is located outside my music folder and asks me to click ok for the right file extension. Every time I click on my iTunes library the same pop up keeps coming up.

Before updating, my iTunes library automatically loaded when i opened the app.

Please help!

I am having the same problem. DJay is stuck on the window “Please click “OK” to allow djay to access your iTunes library.” I select OK or cancel, nothing happens. I’ve tried the instructions in the “Promoted Response” above, but same outcome. I can’t get past the window to OK access to the library…

Hi Warren,

I am a begginer with DJay2 (2.7.2 version) for Ipad2. How do I play “my” songs? I do the following:

Enter itunes
Once in itunes, Enter Ipad (cable connected)
Enter “Apps”
Enter Djay2
Add a song from my notebook
I quit itunes, go to Djay2, BUT where is the song supposed to be found?
“My files” looks empty…

Thank you!

This is an obsolete issue. Please directly contact “”, so we can troubleshoot your issue.