Stutter when cueing, also loop doesn't follow cue points

When I set the main cue start point, and I press the dot to jump back to it, it causes the track to jump twice quickly before playing it. This stutter upon play makes it very hard to sync the track up to the other deck. Why does this stutter upon play happen?
ALso when setting cue points (1,2,3… the color cue points), how come if I start a loop and jump to a cue point, the loop doesn’t go with it?
When I use the main (white) cue, the loop goes with it, but not the colored cue points.

I believe this happens only with auto sync on. But I have definitely noticed the same behavior. It seems like it preemptively tries to make sure your not offbeat. Sometimes even going back before the position of the cue point. it would be better to let the auto sync let you do it at the timing that you want and then fix any beat issues after the fact.

Right now my only fix for it is to not have sync on and have impeccable timing