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Why can’t the subscription services such as Algoriddem’s dj program/Spotify/Apple Music coordinate to accomplish musical freedom across multiple platforms… if we’ve bought it on one platform why make me buy it on another or why can’t I use all my songs in my I tunes / Apple Music library when I’ve purchased both subscription programs with my music why should I have any restrictions on using such content on for entertainment in any such aspect. Does anyone else have a music organization platform other than Spotify or Apple Music… unfortunately flawed but the only platforms to organize music are the best… I prefer Spotify… Apple has failed on musical organization since they became a phone company. Anyone else feel how I feel. I dunno subscription services that fall short! That’s the topic!

Spotify and Apple Music restrict the use of their subscription audio files. You can’t use those files in any other audio software. There is nothing that Algoriddim or any other DJ software company can do about it. It is completely up to Spotify and Apple Music, and they’ve decided that’s the way it is.

So … if you want to use a music streaming service for DJing, pick one that’s compatible with your DJ software. Personally I use TIDAL and Beatsource and they work great in djay Pro.

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Or actually it’s the copyright owners who decides what Apple and Spotify can do.

So the deal goes like this copyright owner says and wants

  • 1 dollar or euro per for each stream and our song is allowed to be used with 3rd party application if the song is distributed by your app (apple music / spotify) etc
  • 0,1 dollar or euro for each stream if the song is only streamed through your app (apple music/spotify)

So there’s actually nothing any streaming platform can do if they doesn’t get good deal from the copyright owner.

So why Tidal works, is that Tidal is owned by some of the big artists like Rihanna, Madonna etc. They are in control and they can decide how their songs are used by Tidal platform (i.e not only getting better royalties, but other things like integration to dj apps).

This. You ‘rent’. They pay artists per stream. You don’t own a thing.

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And another thing…

What I think is that copyright owners doesn’t trust that Apple Music or Spotify that they will report all streaming counts correctly when allowing their content to be streamed to 3rd party apps like dj apps.

It’s easier to say that, no our music can be only played by tightly integrated (Apple Music/Spotify) and not allowing integration to 3rd party apps. So that they can be sure that copyright owners will get money out of every stream.

My issue is that Djay implies the use of you music library but doesn’t go int to detail until you do the research yourself inbto the deptjs of the Algoriddem website . Algoriddem isn’t up front about who they work with on the subscription level. If you been an apple product user for home connectivity you are totally unaware of the DRM issue apple implies.The company. Algoriddem is misleading to the consumers and for being a subscription based program everything should be upfront in bold not after the fact when you are wondering why only a portion of your library is accessible. from the Djay web page"djay provides a complete DJ software for all DJs. The DJ software seamlessly integrates with your music library, giving you instant access to millions of tracks. You can perform live, record mixes on-the-go, or enable Automix mode. djay is the perfect DJ software for casual and mobile DJs, while djay Pro is a DJ software designed for professional DJs." direct from their website which is false. They are selling you a gun with no ammo.

Perhaps Algoriddim should point out clearly and prominently on their main pages that djay Pro works with iTunes but not the Apple Music subscription. The difference between iTunes and Apple Music subscriptions is a confusing for many people; and it would certainly help the average Mac user if this distinction was clearly and prominently spelled out on the Algoriddim website. It’s an important point since the use of the iTunes library is a big feature of djay Pro.

Algoriddim has made a good effort to tell people what online streaming services work with djay Pro; but you do have to dig a little.

1. The Future of Streaming in djay (published 2020)

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