SubSonic Support for DJay

I kindly ask you to add the widely supported and open SubSonic protocol to the audio sources.

I’m a long-time DJay user who bought all versions on all platforms since 2011 for Android, macOS, iOS and Windows. But I’m a bit frustated that there is no simple way to integrate my music library, especially on Android/iOS. Please show us that you are not only supporting locked-down and paid ecosystems. :slight_smile:

Here this feature was requested before.

@strannik I’ve re-created the topic; are you still interested in having SubSonic support?

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Widely supported? I’ve never heard of it! That doesn’t bode well for support to be added, if it’s not widely used. Yours is only the third post in over ten years.

I agree though that DJay needs a way to scan user folders and create a database from a user’s own music, rather than working only with databases from other software (i.e. iTunes) or streaming services.

Some of us do own music, and not everyone uses iTunes.

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I am still interested!

I use the open source airsonic instead of subsonic. - same protocol.

I use two sources: Apple Music and my own collection. I have a 4Tb drive with my many tunes connected to a raspberry pi with airsonic serving up the tunes. Air:Sub - a fabulous music app will play whatever I want from my collection anywhere I am on my phone or other device.

It is possible to select a playlist or set and download the whole thing as a zip file from airsonic - the current method of getting things remotely for Djay. To connect directly to the airsonic server would be the best. In addition to many apps that do this, there is also a web interface.

It is possible that airsonic is less known, but I’m sure DJs would find it immensely useful if it were added. I agree with Phil from Digital DJ tips - do not use iTunes for your own collection, unless you want to see it mislabeled and mangled.

I’ve been using this app in all versions for around 7-8 years and all that time using iTunes library with my own music that I easily transfer into iTunes and have never really had a problem.
The system works fine as it is and as it was intended to.
I do wish that Djay would have a Recently Added folder in it so whenever I add new music to iTunes, I can see it in Djay in its Recently Added folder but other than that I don’t have a problem…

Using Apple Music as a streaming service looks like there might be a few issues with setting up a second Apple ID account but there is a workaround.

That may be so, but you’re having to use a third party (non-DJ) software to provide functionality that other DJ programs include by default.

Not being able to create or edit a library in the program itself makes DJay the odd one out, and it makes it awkward to use in comparison. This may well be a contributing factor as to why DJay is not one of the major players in the DJ software game.

Thanks for the suggestion @David_Trattnig. I have forwarded it to the dev team for consideration.

I guess it’s how I have been doing it since I transitioned from Vinyl to digital format, Never tried any other platform besides briefly with Denon Prime but didn’t like it so stayed with Djay.

The only gripe I have with using iTunes is I wish there was a way to add music to iTunes without the need of a laptop.

I would like if it were possible to download a track directly to my iPad and put it in my iTunes folder within the iPad without having to use my laptop…

Currently the only sort of workaround is to add them to the Files folder and open Files in Djay

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