Wow !!! Great job!!! I just downloaded all in one package and sugabytes has not dissapointed !! It’s almost like having a koass pad rolled into 1!!! But I hope this isn’t going to stop . I’d live to see the effects go into full screen like the koass pad or 80% screen. And can we have a specific white noise build up and down add on ? Then I can leave my koass pad at home…you’ve nearly twisted my arm from switching over from Traktor dj to Djay. I just wish the sync engine would 'stay on ’ so u could press all the 3 cues / beat juggle them and it would all stay in sync all the time like Traktor . And the option of horizontal wave forms so you can see the cues placed over the length of the track . And markers would be cool…just so u know I prof dj 5-6 nights a week with Traktor dj and s2,+ kaoss pad at the moment , been a year now. But I’m ordering a wego 3 after playing with it at the bpm show, and if it holds up in the club I will be using it to 600-900 people every night.

Thanks for your awesome feedback!

By the way, feel free to post your ideas (separately) here in our forum so other users can add their +1 or comments!