Suggest tracks to play next.

We’ve all been there. People are dancing to the tune you’ve got on but you don’t quite know what to play next. And the clock is ticking.

What if Djay recommended tracks that went well with what you’re playing? Like iTunes Genius recommendations, but from your own library.

This should not be hard to implement now that there’s key-detection. If they could just show a list like Traktor of tracks with matching key/BPM (+/- 10%) that would make this the perfect DJ software.

In fact, if the list also was limited to the current playlist you’d one up Traktor altogether.

Once this feature is implemented, I’m selling my Z1 for a Reloop Beatpad and going Djay 2 exclusively.

I was wishing djay pro finally had recommended tracks …but it hasn’t. Why not? It’s a really useful tool for DJs. It could be added into the queue I think. Cross dj has it. Traktor dj has it.