Suggested controllor for 30 pin and lightning pin plugs.

Algoriddim, can you suggest which hardware controller will work with both an ipad with a 30 pin connector and an iphone with the lightning connector? I have the iDJlive from numark and after the iOS 6 upgrade it doesn’t work (and I am unable to return to numark because I do not live in the U.S and their offer to replace the mixer has expired). I would prefer a different brand to numark after being burnt by their failure to produce adequate hardware (iDJ Live).

Hi Simon,

Generally speaking, there is currently no controller that you can use for both 30-pin and lightning connector without an additional adapter.

You can check out the new Vestax Spin 2. It has a built-in connector for 30-pin, so you would also need a lightning to 30-pin adapter. The Vestax Spin 2 is also compatible with djay for Mac, in case you have one.

You can view the full list of natively supported hardware on our Hardware page.

By the way, where do you live? I still recommend contacting Numark Support regarding your iDJ Live. I’m sure they’re willing to help you out with this issue.