Suggestion: A Combined Spotify and Itunes library option

Hey, I’m test running Djay Pro at the moment and loving it, but I have one main problem. Having spotify and and itunes libraries is great, but currently is no way to have both up at the same time. This is a major problem because whilst I normally mix with spotify, every couple of songs I throw in a song that is only available on my hard disk. I’d love to have the option within Djay to show all spotify and itunes tracks at the same time so I can scroll through everything I want to mix at the same time.

If that is not possible for whatever reason, I think it would be beneficial to have a button in the interface that switches between library destinations, so you can switch between the two with your controller rather than touching the computer.

Thank you for your feedback Macro Tiara.
At the moment this is not possible, but I added your request to our customer request agenda.

Lukas E.

So I’ve figured out a workaround but I have a suggestion to make it more useable. Now I load all of my important offline songs into the queue, and then assign a button on my controller to switch between the spotify library and the queue. However when I return to the spotify library from the queue the selection bar returns to the top, meaning I have to scroll through my songs again.

Is there a way for the app to remember where I was in the playlist when I switch back from the queue?

That behaviour always bother me.