Suggestion for redesigned search result (fullscreen, with UI layout draft)

Here is a suggestion how a full screen search result might look like on iPad in horizontal mode:

  1. The columns can be individually added, removed.
  2. The user can sort the search result by each column by simply clicking on the title of that colums. A second click reverses the sort direction
  3. The searchterm is matched against all values in all columns. So user can also can search for genre, tag or comment
  4. If a currently playing song of any deck is part of the search result is is marked as such.
  5. The best matching search result is shown at the top.
  6. The three dots at the right have the popup menue as of now (Add to queue, add to playlist, … prelisten etc.)
  7. This search result view shall be completely indipendant of the existing view by playlist. It is not a “popup” over the playlist view. Maybe there could be an additional icon at the top left to switch to the playlist view.
  8. Ideally there could also be a column that shows the Playlist(s) that a song is in.

When user clicks on a song, then it is loaded into the deck where the search was started from (sahighlighted in blue, in this example screen layout the right deck).

Some other users in the forum requested scrolling names and titles of songs if they don’t fit into a column. With having the full screen width available and configurable columns this might not even be necessary anymore. But may also be a configurable addition.

Side remark: This is not an actual screenshot of the app :slight_smile: This is photoshopped :slight_smile:

One more thing: Don’t repeatedly show the letter “BPM” for each result in the BPM column. This is a waste of (horizontal pixel) space.

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This would be fantastic. Currently the playlist is crammed into that smaller space.


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