Suggestions for Improving this Community

Hello everyone!

I would like to collect some positive and constructive feedback on how we can continue to improve this community. Our goal is to have the best DJ software community/forum out there.

If you’ve been around this forum for a while, hopefully you’ve noticed that we’ve been working hard to make improvements, enhance organization, and to answer as many comments as possible. I hope you can appreciate that this is a busy community so it’s not always a simple task. It’s by no means a perfect system, but we think it’s getting better every day and we’re committed to improving it further. I would greatly appreciate any constructive ideas and suggestions you have to help make this the best community out there. Thanks!

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It wouldn’t be a horrible thing to have better access to tech support/devs on Thurs-Sun - if we run into a problem we can’t resolve, and can’t find hints/tips/resolutions through searching here (especially after a new version drops and usually gets auto-updated), I know I would be really happy to be able to reach out to someone who can help me if it’s the matter of go/no show using djay. sort of a hotline…like, people at algoriddim NOT being on a weekend. because we work weekends with the software.


I think the forum improved already with a bit tighter control and feed-back after you started. However, there is a flip side. It is now very focussed on solving issues and seems the only reason this forum exists. With that, there is a very short-time and narrow focus only:

  • Present problem by DJ,
  • discuss and reproduce,
  • present fix by Algo.

Any other type of discussion, like about advantages of pots against endless controllers, get very limited attention… :slight_smile:

Cheers and thanks!


Thanks for the feedback @heysoundude. We have already been discussing internally about releasing important updates earlier in the week to address this.

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Thanks for the feedback @Brainbox. Any suggestions for how we can improve conversations like this? It seems that these depend heavily on other user participation in the discussion. Any ideas on how we can encourage that?

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Yes, maybe this is not the forum for that, because does is not or hardly happen.
The only thing I could think of is creating a separate category for more general workflow or controller subjects.

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In your further discussions, please bring up a testing/qualification procedure for us to follow before we think “ok, looks good for performance” only to have it fail in some crevice that doesn’t get crawled into very often…

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You could always have like a feed on the right or left-hand side that would be visible right now, while you’re inside of a thread/post. It could contain what’s happening or highligjt some popular topics, or , a “You may be Interested” type suggestions.

Of course you don’t wanna clutter it up and have information overload.

But honestly, people don’t come to this form or the pioneer forms, or any of it specific forms to discuss things limitless and encoders, because the communities aren’t big enough for something niche like that.
Now you could grow community, with things like hosting live streams, where you’re talking about some of the new controllers that you’ve added. or, just answering common, really common, questions about software and general dj-ing almost like a DJ school.
They can be really easy to answer questions, not everybody searches through videos that are several years old because things changes so fast.

Your greatest potential for getting users here to the forum would be to target the people who are currently using the app, since there’s a free version there. They may not get your quality users. It’ll be more users.
I found out about the form when I was trying to troubleshoot after buying a controller (DDJ-FLX4), but I used DJay on an iphone back on 2010 or 2011, even bought an iPod touch to use it, since I’m an android guy.

All right, that’s all I’m doing for free :wink:

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You’ve already made some great improvements in terms of communication on the forum. Would like to hear more from software development team from time to time for Q and A. Like has been said when there is big update or key hardware development could have Q and A on YouTube for example, to show what has been done with intergrations and what can be done. Good way to grow user base as well.

Any new staff right across the organisation could pop into the forum and introduce them selves, their background and what their job role is. Be good to get to know everyone there.

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Hi @heysoundude, can you please clarify what you mean here?

Thanks for the feedback and suggestions everyone. Please keep them coming!

It isn’t possible for Algoriddim devs to test djay on all platforms for all issues before releasing it, so I’m suggesting they put together a “do this to check on your system, users” list before we take an upgraded system out to perform with. Perhaps it should focus on things that have changed since the last update, but they would know better.

(I had an issue on my system over the weekend. I suspect it might be Internet/network related, but may also be that djay could well be surpassing the capabilities of my old iMac and it’s operating system- would you like to see a pic and get some system details?)

Okay, thanks for the clarification.

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