Suggestions for Neural Mix Performance Hardware?

What hardware are you using to perform with Neural Mix? Any suggestions for a 2nd MIDI controller just for Neural Mix?

I’m using the DJ TechTools Midi Fighter Twister as a dedicated Neural Mix and Looper Controller.

Here’s a link to an article explaining the MF Twister MIDI mapping and setup:

Here’s a link to the MF Twister shop:

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I created my own custom version of DJTT’s default mapping for the EQ/Neural Mix section. Since I already have a 4 channel MIDI controller that handles the normal EQ functions, I changed the assignment of the 6 EQ encoders on the Twister to directly control Vocals, Instruments and Drums for Deck A and B. For me, this works better than switching between normal EQ and Neural Mix EQ in the software. With dedicated Neural Mix controls mapped to the MF Twister, I can still use my normal EQs on my main controller at the same time.

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This Is The Way.
the software is powerful, but nothing beats being able to grab a knob and twisting. especially when you can have one in each hand…try that with a mouse/trackball/touchscreen

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