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I am using Djay pro windows version. On the one hand, it is a very nice program, but at the same time, it seems to have many errors and shortcomings. Most importantly are synchronization issues, especially when using loops and rarely when playing routines without a loop. Some of the effects have really nice presets, that’s where the software caught up with me, but I can’t do fx routing. Additionally, it would be nice to be able to make a little more detailed adjustments to the effects, at least one more parameter and the ability to save and recall them. One of the most important things is that the library section should be more tidy. In the simplest example, when I align it according to the artist tab, when I come back, it is placed at the top of the list, because I cannot stop the preview player from my controller. I can address the preview player to start with my controller, but unless I’m missing something, I couldn’t find a way to stop it, just by using the mouse or addressing a different button to move around the windows and pressing it 3 times. Again, I cannot navigate with my controller in the playlist area at the top, it goes directly to the area below. Another thing is that I can’t save settings like fx dry/wet settings or crossfader routing, I have to set them again every time I start the software. A little more detail should be added to the Midi maps. And I get an error while recording, additionally I cannot download the sample packages, it gives an error again. I wrote to support about these issues with their images and I’m waiting my turn. There are many details that I haven’t remembered yet, and as far as I can see, the community has adequately expressed the deficiencies. If there are things I’ve missed, I think I’ve done enough research and testing. As someone who has been using Traktor, Rekordbox, many DAWs and various equipment for years (around 25 years), I should have solved these already, this is another problem and the user manual lacks details. I have searched the forum on many topics, but I no longer have the chance to devote all my time to this. It should not be missed that if there is one complaint conveyed to you, there are 9 unsaid, generally 1 in 10 dissatisfied people express this. Normally I don’t write much in forums, but speaking constructively, this software is really good in one aspect and deserves to be better, that’s why I’m writing. I don’t know exactly what the situation is with other versions, but it would be more logical to present the Windows version when it is more complete and ready. Whether it’s a professional or a bedroom DJ like me, it’s hard to break habits and routine when it goes in one direction. Therefore, the person who tries djay pro should stay there, but it is a little difficult in this way. Of course, making a software error-free is not an easy task. Please pay attention to the general demands of the users and work harder in order to be rewarded for your efforts and not to deprive us of this beautiful software. I hope everything gets better soon.
Stay with the music…

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Hi @Audiotherapy, thanks for the feedback. I’ve gone ahead and made a new topic for this. I have forwarded this to the dev team for consideration.

  1. This is a long list of information to digest in a single paragraph. In the future, it’s best to first use the search tool to see if any of these suggestions have been made already and add your comments or votes in those existing topics.
  2. If these suggestions haven’t been made, then it’s best to create a new topic for each suggestion so we can discuss and track them individually.


  1. What specific version of djay for Windows are you currently using (ex. 5.1.7917.0)? Do you have an active paid subscription?
  2. Loop Synchronization: to help us better understand this issue, can you please capture a video of this issue, upload it to your Google Drive/Dropbox, enable sharing permissions, then share a link to the video here? Thanks!
  3. FX Routing: is available in the Settings>Sound
  4. Preview Player: the Preview Selected Track MIDI command is a Play/Pause command so the same button can be used to Play and Stop the the preview player.
  5. Recording: What is the error message that you get when recording? Please note that internal recording is disabled when using all streaming services and recording is not possible with the free version of djay.
    6.Sample Packs: What error message to you get when trying to download Sample Packs? If you are using the free versions, sample packs are not available.


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First of all, thank you for your detailed answer, you are doing a great job here :raised_hands: I have forwarded all the information you requested, along with some images, to the support team, but since I am writing from mobile right now, I will try to answer as much as I can.

And the good news from my perspective is; I am using a Windows 11 PC with an Intel i5-12th generation processor. My son has a computer running Windows 10 with a 10th generation processor at home. I tried DJAY PRO in detail on that computer and most of the problems I mentioned have disappeared. Now I can record, download sample packs, there seem to be no synchronization problems, and in general it works more stable.

My complaints about the library and navigation continue, I think these are issues related to the layout of djay pro, which is independent of the PC I use. I mapped the command to a midi button in the preview player. When I press it, it works and plays fine, but when I press it again, it doesn’t stop. This problem persists in Windows 10.

What I mean by Fx routing is that it would be nice to be able to choose which deck or master channel or samples the Fx units will affect.

I know that tracks on streaming services cannot be recorded, the problem with recording is present in the tracks in my own archive.

Djay pro version should be the version you specified or something close to it (5.1.7917.0), but I am sure it is the last version I downloaded from Microsoft. My subscription is paid.

And finally, my son and I switched computers (he is very happy with this :slight_smile: and most of the problems were solved for me. However, if necessary and in order to improve the software for Windows 11 (or for certain situations), I can still answer as much as I can.

Thanks again…

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You’re welcome @Audiotherapy. Thanks for the follow up. I have forwarded all of this new information to the engineering team for further review. Since you also sent this to support, I suspect the team will support you directly through that channel. As such, I will consider this topic closed for now, but if I get any news I will post it here. Thanks!

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Hello again,

Synchronization problems continue in Windows 10, although not as much as in Windows 11. Especially when the loop is active, even though the beat synchronization is off (tempo sync is on), sometimes the synchronization gets lost and the software tries to synchronize the forward and backward movements on its own, this takes 5-6 seconds. Additionally, when I trigger a loop from the looper while the track is progressing, it usually starts on the second beat of the bar. In this case, a partial synchronization is achieved, although it is not exactly correct, but sometimes it is triggered from a more intermediate point and it plays out of synchronization. I couldn’t find a way to fix this. It’s more like a quantize issue than a synchronous one. It’s very enjoyable when it’s truly synchronous, but in this case it’s quite annoying. The only way to achieve synchronization is to rearrange the tracks on the decks according to the looper, which is something that should not be done while the set is streaming. Or is there something I missed?

As a suggestion, the looper needs some more parameters, for example, the simplest quantize function, monitor cue and fx routing and eq or filter. And of course, being able to play our own loops. These parameters will make the looper a much more powerful tool.

Hi @Audiotherapy,

  1. Can you please share the detailed hardware specs for your Windows 10 and 11 computers?
  2. Are you playing songs from streaming services, local songs stored on your internal drive or local songs stored on an external drive?
  3. Are these older songs that have varying tempos or inconsistent BPMs (ex. music with a live drummer)?
  4. Can you please capture a video of the issue, upload it to your Google Drive/Dropbox, enable sharing permissions, and share a link to the video here? Thanks!

Hello Slak,

1- Windows 10 Home, version 22H2 / intel i5-1035Gi 1.0 - 1.19 ghz cpu, 20gb ddr4-3200 ram, ssd, on board gpu.
Windows 11 Home (I don’t remember the last updated version) / i5-1235U 1.3 - 4.4 ghz cpu, 20gb ddr4-3200 ram, ssd, on board gpu.

2- I play from the internal drive.

3- All songs have fixed bpm, techno, house etc.

4- I tried to draw but failed because it doesn’t always work.

Additionally, while trying to shoot a video and playing with the filter on my controller, the keys of the 2 loops playing in the looper change. This has happened before. My controller is vestax vci 400, it’s an old but nice device, maybe the problem is with the controller, I don’t know, but I use it with other dj software. And of course there are other problems.

With so many problems, I think I won’t be able to continue with Djay pro in general for now. But because of my annual subscription, I am already here until the end of the subscription. I’m sure I’ll come back again when Djay pro becomes problem-free or minimally problematic for Windows and some additional features are added.

I will check for updates from time to time, if there is still a question we can stay in touch, thank you.

Hi @Audiotherapy, thanks for the additional information. Unfortunately, without a video I think this issue will be challenging to understand and communicate to the engineering team. If you’re able to get a video at some point, please share it here and I’ll forward this onto the team for further review. Thanks!

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