Suggestions improvement on djay for iPad; lockable/extra cue points, zoomable loop waveform and more

Here are my suggestions for making djay for iPad an even better live performance tool:

  • locks on cue points. Put an extra lock in the cue point section so they can easily be locked. I deleted some carefully aligned cues due to fat fingers during performance already. Some extension to the number of cue point might be welcome as well. If you make the cue points lockable it will free up room on the screen to put 4 more extra cue points in (so 8 in normal or 2x4 in edit mode).

  • zoom in and out off waveform when a loop is playing. For now its zoomed in so you can see the beats but you miss the context aka where in the loop am I.
    Put a “-” “+” sign next to the wave form when a loop is active so the context can be seen and its easier to time the moment to release the loop and let the track continue.

  • multiple cue lists for multiple occasions. the single cue list works great but why not rename it and save it for future use.

  • save loops so they can be made instantly available. you can now mimmic this feature by making a loop active and then jump to a desired cue point but I like to create loops that can “catch” the playing track so it get stuck in the loop for mixing out by default.

I’m sure there will be more to follow in the future. For me you can drop the spottily support. I use this tool as a serious Pioneer Nexus on the go and use it live at gigs.

See my other posts for some tips on how to backup your cue points and other track meta data.…



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Thank you so much for sharing these ideas!
We’ll definitely have an eye on them!