Suggestions to a potential byer

Hi there,

I downloaded the demo on a windows 10 desktop PC and considering to purchase it. Before I do, I would like to ask about a few things. First of all, its intended use for me, is in a hotel pool bar. Mainly unattended. Until now I have been using virtual dj LE and my downloaded/ripped, songs out of a hard drive. I now have a subscription to spotify but spotify automix is poor so thought that maybe djay will give me more features.

  1. Can I use existing playlists, m3u on automix?
  2. I know I cannot create playlists on djay. Will I be OK without Itunes? Will not touch it.
  3. Please suggest a software for creating playlists: Spotify vs Virtual dj vs music bee/winamp?
  4. If I get a new controller, for showing off on quiet times, would you recommend the WEgo 4,because I also have a fairly recent android tablet, or the pioneer ddj-sb2 and stick with the desktop?