there was a post you guys made back on august 10th asking what we’d like to add/change… i didn’t know where to repost my suggestions so i’m inserting it here, with hope of someone considering them and making it happen: 1. previously played song list, and recently added song list… 2. make it a skinnable interface, OR… 3. a battle dj style set up (so my finger doesnt accidently touch the arm)… 4. change each turntable volume knob into a volume slider… 5. more cue points, PLEASE… 6. create a live sample with your iDevice microphone… 7. record your mix as an mp3 and instantly add it to your music library without connecting to iTunes, so it can be used in iDJ app… 8. a reset button for the EQ… 9. setup a drops or breakbeats folder, or frequently played