Support "clean" versions with Amazon Music Unlimited or Apple Music

I love having the Spotify Preium integration for when I do Music at a party and take requests, BUT Spotify fails to provide clean versions of songs and doesn’t mark “explicit” songs. I use djay to play music at parties with families and children and I can’t use Spotify on djay 2 when playing songs because of this. Amazon Music unlimited and Apple Music both have the explicit and clean versions of most songs and will mark a song “explicit” which is invaluable with kids around. Please consider adding support for one of these services or replacing the Spotify support with either of these.

I started with Apple Music because of my iPhone. After I bought DJay Pro I tested Spotify for one month.

Spotify is far better then Apple Music. So I switched to Spotify and stoped requesting support for Apple Music.

For me YouTube, SoundCloud, Vimeo and Pulselocker are the most interesting streaming services.

YouTube and Vimeo because of Music Videos.
Soundcloud has a lot interesting music from unknown but very good artists.
Pulselocker has a licensing model for public playing.