Support for Beatport Link

Hi Team, any word on the if and when a beatport link account can be used with DJAY Pro? I’ve made the relatively painless switch to Tidal from Spotify but would love to be able to access streams, loops etc from Beatport. 

+1 for me !

when we says Beatport link support, we also mean support for its offline docker feature :wink:

I’m already tied to Djay on my iPad because my computer is not powerful enough to run the other desktop softwares flawlessly and as quick/plug’n’play than Djay. Right now i’m looking at record pools to buy and store my tracks on my iPad but … every time i search for a song that i hear on air it seems the only place i can find it is on … Beatport :)  (… or Spotify but …)
So, rightt now, Beatport seems to be the most mobile and easy solution to Djay future


i think he’s testing us to see if we REALLY need that feature :wink:

Done !!! Thank you Algoriddim !!!

Feel free to share your feedback and push the topic! Cheers Lukas E.

Additional options are great.

Apple Music
Amazon Prime Music

This should be added now spotify is gone. The more options the better

I thought I did. I mean it’s a pretty explicit piece of feedback both in the subject and the body of my post.