Support for Behringer CMD Micro MIDI Controller

Dear Algoriddim Team,

I’ve just bought a Behringer CMD Micro controller and have set up the MIDI mapping by myself. So far so good. But the different lightning states (e.g. for the play/pause button) aren’t supported.

It would be great if you could implement full support for these controller.

Thanks in advance,


Thanks for posting your request.

I would Like to second this request

If still the Play/Stop lights are the problem, switch on “Midi Out” at the advanced control configurations option and try it again: 

I’ve managed to make it work.
Value: min 0 max 1

Hi there,

the midi learn feature is only available in djay Pro 1&2 for the Mac and djay Pro for Windows.

You can find all natively supported controllers on our Hardware website:

Lukas E.

For mapping the VU meters, see comment here.

will this controller work on ipad too? im thinking about buying it if djay 2 on ipad recognizes this

No one from Algoriddim can confirm if it works?

Thanks for answering, I’m interested to know which small/micro controllers will be compatible to djay2 or pro for iPad. Thanks in advance.