Support for Chromecast Audio

Last year you made my Christmas with Spotify integration.

This year - please add support for Chromecast Audio. Spotify is supported, but I prefer to DJ and play from DJay Pro.

Looks like there is a workaround for this… (for Mac and Windows at least)

This feature would be a non-negotiable for me. I wouldn’t buy or pay a subscription for this until it supports Chromecast. The thought of a music app not supporting Chromecast is revolting to me.

Good I read this. I was about to buy djay pro to Dj vídeo and a reloop controller with iPad and I discover I can’t do anything. I will return the reloop also

First of all, thank you very much for your support, but we generally do not talk about any of our future plans.
I hope you understand this. 
Best regards, 

Hi guys,

this is a topic on our agenda. We are sorry for the time passed.

If you have any questions or suggestions, or if you would like further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Chromecast Audio or just Chromecast. Would be great to be able to wireless stream the music from a tablet!

would indeed be super awesome. You could for example be your own dj in your living room whithout the hassle of a million cables if you have a soundsystem with a hdmi input!

Im finding this forum because I would love this feature myself! I love DJAY PRO bc of Spotify intergration but also intergrating with Chromecast audio would be amazing piece of software!!

Same here! Would be nice!

Total silence unfortunately…I would still like development of this very much so…, hope Algoriddim wakes up!

Such a shame that Algorithm does not seem to pick this up untill now…

no response what so ever from Algorithm…

That is really good news!
As for suggestions…I suppose it should work roughly the same as it works in Spotify, so it should be able to deal with grouped chromecast devices, but other than that it seems rather straightforward to me. Looking forward to this!

Chromecast audio! Yes please.

Hey does Djay Pro support Chromecast audio yet??

Any news ?

Any update on support for chromecast???

chromecast would be exactly what would make me pay the full version

Hiya, any update on this?