Support for Denon SC2900

Could you add support for Denon SC2900?

I would like it as well :slight_smile:
Awesome player and awesome software!

Hi Lukas.
I guess i can talk for the lot, when saying we would like display (hid). I have read the guide, thank you :slight_smile:

Best regards

BTW, i have a hard time mapping the jog and the pitchfader. Ant suggestions?

Any news on this? The sc2900 is the ultimate MIDI player. Pleeeeease add native support!

I gave up :slight_smile:
I will use them with djay, if they are natively supported. I dont want to use them without the hid.

For now, its virtual dj for me.

We’ll think about it!
FYI: djay Pro 1.1 now supports the Denon DN-SC2000!

Hi Mathis,

have you tried out the djay Pro midi learning feature?
If you need help mapping the Denon SC2900 please let us now.

Lukas E.

What problems are you facing in particular? Have you checked out our FAQ entry about midi mapping:…

Thank you in advance.

Lukas E.

Hi Mathis,

I noticed the demand and forwarded the request internally. Regarding the Jog- and Pitchfader what problems are your facing exactly? Could you send us screenshots of the enlarged midi key settings (= advanced options) of the not working keys? Thank you in advance.
Lukas E.

very difficult to map all the features of the sc2900 compared to serato which is ready to go. I prefer the features on algoriddem and has massive potential would be great if you could sort this out. Great set of decks and would be made better if algoriddem is combined properly with them.

thank you and look forward to using algoriddem in the future.