support for denon sc5000 and 6000

I think I would be much more cool for Algoriddim to support denon media players than pioneer. Pioneer has too much market dominance and denon has the upper hand in terms of technical features. Subsequently Algoriddim and Denon are more pioneers than Pioneer.

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Hi tronque,

Thank you for your suggestion and we want to assure that we are there for you and gathering all user requests regarding the implementation of the SC 5000 & 6000.

The community is a good place to point out hardware suggestions and requests and it would be nice if other vote for the topic in order to push implementation.

Also which platform would you like to see supporting the two controllers?

Thank you and always feel free to share your requests in the community :slight_smile:


agreed; especially due to the fact that they have a somewhat open concept when it comes to Djaying…able to use a variety of softwares; and also the variety of storage capicty they offer…so that would make them a perfect fit…SC6000M is what would be really ideal for me though…

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I would love to see support for all Denon Prime gear. Ideally with full integration in the way they have done with Virtual DJ and Serato. My home setup would be the Prime 4 and maybe a Prime Go for small gigs. I can imagine showing up to the club with only my iPhone or iPad and having the full power of Neural Mix on the SC6000s. This is definitely my dream integration and I’ll be buying Prime gear the day it happens :grin:


+1 for support of the denon decks. Especially the m versions. Everything can be mapped except the jogs and spinning platter. Since the rane one platter tech is the same then I say why not?

Oh yes! Denon Prime 4 and SC-6000 support is here! I’ve been waiting a long time for this. Has anyone tested this out yet?


Tried on iOS with 6000m and it just stays on computer mode buffering…not sure how to get it to work. I’m connected via the USB ports on the back of my DJM-S11.

Any thoughts? Tried connecting directly as well and nothing.

:mega: Hi All, We wanted to let you know that native support for the Denon SC-6000 (but not the SC-6000M) has been added in the latest version of djay Pro AI for Mac (version 3.1.4) and djay Pro AI on iOS (3.7.6).

Please note, however, that the main and jog screens are currently not supported.

Thanks to all of you for pushing this request, and for your patience. Happy mixing! :headphones:


Thank you for clarifying!

I just bought two SC6000M controllers. I’m a bit disappointed that these don’t work out of the box with djay Pro AI. The website made it seem like there were mappings already for these. I had to use the MIDI learn feature and (as far as I can tell) doesn’t work well with the Shift modifier key or generally have statefulness. With the exception of the motorized platter, they should be nearly identical to the SC6000s, which it sounds like there’s already a mapping for.


Hi Everyone,

:mega: Just wanted to share that the Denon SC-5000 is now natively supported in the latest version of djay Pro AI for Mac (version 3.1.10) and djay Pro AI on iOS (3.8.6). To use the new functionality, please update your app when you get a chance.

Please note that the main and jog screens are currently not supported.

Thanks again for sharing this request. I’ll be closing this thread now as support for this hardware has been added. If you have any additional questions, feedback, or suggestions, please open a new topic thread on the Community and our team will be happy to help you. :headphones: