support for denon sc5000 and 6000

I think I would be much more cool for Algoriddim to support denon media players than pioneer. Pioneer has too much market dominance and denon has the upper hand in terms of technical features. Subsequently Algoriddim and Denon are more pioneers than Pioneer.

Hi tronque,

Thank you for your suggestion and we want to assure that we are there for you and gathering all user requests regarding the implementation of the SC 5000 & 6000.

The community is a good place to point out hardware suggestions and requests and it would be nice if other vote for the topic in order to push implementation.

Also which platform would you like to see supporting the two controllers?

Thank you and always feel free to share your requests in the community :slight_smile:

agreed; especially due to the fact that they have a somewhat open concept when it comes to Djaying…able to use a variety of softwares; and also the variety of storage capicty they offer…so that would make them a perfect fit…SC6000M is what would be really ideal for me though…