support for Denon SC6000M and X1850 completely

The combination of Denon SC6000M + X1850 and Virtual DJ was just excellent.
As if It is like a dedicated device for Virtual DJ.
I especially liked the ability to control EQ and Real-Time Stems separately with the EQ knobs on X1850 without set to MIDI mapping.
The waveform of the SC6000M has changed accordingly, making it easier to understand visually.
I like djay pro ai because it is easy to use.
So I would like djay pro ai to see full support for Denon SC6000M and X1850 like Virtual DJ.

Hi @Akifumi_Konishi,

Thank you for your post!

While I can’t share our future plans, I can share that our team is actively working to provide official support for all devices on the market!

I will happily put this on our developers radar and we would like to apologize for the inconvenience.

Be assured that I will keep you updated with any news as it comes in, and I hope I can be the bearer of good news sooner rather than later!

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Thank you.
I am looking forward to good news.

Hello just a question, Is denon x1850 supported now and to what extent?