Support for Denon SC6000M

It would be great to see the Denon SC6000M’s supported. Is this currently in development and if so, when is it likely to be available?

Hi there @EarlGray1

Thanks for posting to the community for the first time!

We appreciate the hardware suggestion as we are always trying to improve our software! While we can’t give an exact timeline, we will pass this on to our development team for continued review.

Thanks again for your time and welcome to the community!

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As a wedding DJ your software is my favorite, but I cannot use my favorite controller…
Could you please midi map the Denon sc6000m. I have midi mapped the Traktor f1 so i understand how to do it, but the sc6000m is really confusing and difficult. I notice you have done the sc6000, why not the 6000m? is it due to the moving platters? you have the rane 1 and Rev 7, those have moving platters. So please help me out. I would love to be able to use my 6000m out on my gigs.


Hi @JunotheDJ,

Thanks for sharing your feedback with us!

Support for this controller has already been requested in this thread which I will be merging your post into.

We’ve gone ahead and let our engineering team know that this has again been requested for further consideration.

Have a great day!

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Dear team,

Thank you for the wonderful product , I rely enjoy it while using it with DVS and my SL-1210 , but please in the era of digital sound is there any chance to get it work with Denon SC 6000 M.
If it an issue with the platter , there is an option to run the unit without motor on.

Thank you !