Support for digital aux channels

I use the Reloop Mixon 4 and one of its biggest limitations is the ability to have an external source for decks 3 and 4 as there are no aux inputs on the controller. However, my USB audio capture device plugged into the MacBook gives me two aux inputs digitally.

Is it possible to add a feature to digital mix other audio sources on 3 & 4 so that we can blend in something like Novation or an analogue turntable into the mix whithout having to use a hardware mixer in tandem with the Reloop deck? That would be a killer option in my opinion.

I have a real mixer (two in fact), but having the capability to bring in additional sources through the app would be a nice thing to have. If you have nothing useful to add beyond pointless sarcastic comments then please don’t bother to post.

Thanks, I only use digital signals (converted from analogue via external device), I just wondered if those digital signals could be incorporated into the mix within the app and fed out via the digital audio on the Mixon 4 controller.

Hi Jeff,

mixing in analog signals is not possible.

Digital signals can be added to your setup via USB directly to your Mac :slight_smile:

You want Algoriddim to write thousands and thousands of lines of code to implement and analogue pass-through feature because you’re too cheap to buy a real mixer?!?