Support for mixing songs from Soundcloud

If MixVibes did it, then you can do it !

I am considering buying Djay Pro (again, because I already bought version 1), but if SoundCloud integration is not on the horizon, I will be obligated to go back to Traktor/Serato. Which is a pitty…

I have been a Djay user for 3 years now, and all my friends laugh at me, but I kept going with you guys, cause I love OS software and wanted to support a new player. BUT, if SoundCloud never comes, you will loose a very good customer.

I also teach djing and I always introduce my new students to djing with Djay first. Some of them have bought the software and love it. BUT, again, if you don’t keep up with the big players on the market fate will do it’s thing.

Deezer would be welcome too btw. DJ Player already supports it.

I’m actually using Cross DJ thanks to SoundCloud integration, so please add SoundCloud to DJay 2 as well!

Thanks a lot for your feedback, guys!

Can you use soundcloud with this app on the wego2