Support for Pioneer CDJ-2000NXS2

What is the status??

+1 For This. Just upgraded my CDJs. Need to be able to run DJay pro with the new ones.

Thank you Lukas. It has been nearly a year now and your competitors have already come out with their updates! Hurry Please!

Thank You !

Guys, please give us an update! Is this in the works? Can we expect it in the next few months? Or should we forget about it because it’s harder than you guys thought?

How are you guys coming along on the CDJ-2000NXS2 support? I’m on the verge of buying this program if I could use my NXS2s with it!!!

I got the file downloaded… but where exactly is the “right folder for midi mapping”?

hii… I have Cdj 900 nexus Can I use this players HID mode with djay pro ? I mean without any external sound card?

Hi Paul, please could you share the link again? Thanks so much

Thank you so much i just tried it and just like you said straight up PLUG & PLAY !!! SO SiKKKKKK

My DJ Set-Up that runs flawlessly : A Set of Pioneer DJ CDJ-2000NXSW and DJM-900NXSW Limited Edition System