support for Pioneer DDJ-FLX6-GT


I see the Pioneer Pioneer DDJ-FLX6 is supported in DJay PRO in Mac and iOS, but what about the support of the new Pioneer DDJ-FLX6-GT?

I can consider is it supported as well 'cause it is basically the same controller it is it not supported at all?

Second question, there is any chance or any plan for supporting DDJ-FLX6-GT in Windows and Android?

Thank you in advance for any infos.

has anyone tested the flx6 GT yet? or can the algoriddim team say about the compatibility?

Given that the main difference is the paint job and slightly upgraded jog wheels, I would suspect the existing FLX6 MIDI Mapping will work.

I bought Pioneer DDJ-FLX6-GT finally.

I can tell you that is totally compatible, 'cause it is basically the same hardware upgraded from FLX6, and it works with the same mapping.

I hope this information will be useful to you all!

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Thank you very much for your answer, it helps me with my purchase decision