Support for Pioneer's two top selling controllers? Or Becoming Less Relevant

So i’m about as loyal as they come when it relates to your software. Been using it since I started Mixing around 4 years ago because of ease of use, ability to DJ controller-less when needed, and access to Spotify.

With that in mind… you are making it more and more difficult to not move to the Serato or Rekordbox platforms, and not for the reason you would expect. It has little to do with interface, control, pro level features, software instability or typical reasons… it is as simple as you are falling behind the curve in hardware support.

The DDJ-SR (Pioneers self proclaimed highest selling controller… ever) finally got a much needed update… over 6 months ago and everyone is still waiting for native midi support. You may say, “but hey they support the SX2, and it has what you get in the SR2 and more!!”… ahhh valid point, except for… there is now an SX3 that has all the functionality of the SZ in the SX platform footprint, at the same price point as the SX2 (after reading that spec sheet I would have signed away my first born and given up Chipotle for life).

Now I understand your focus is continuing to corner the market on mobile platforms. However to neglect what will undoubtedly become the top 2 professional level controllers from pioneer for the next 3-5 years is not exactly what I would consider a good business move.

Take that, and the possibility of other streaming services (like idk… youtube music) potentially being positioned to enter the DJ space, and you risk loosing huge market share. This being in an industry you have grabbed a foothold in based on exclusive access to arguably the best music streaming platform in existence in Spotify… and I question if you really care about the pro level platform or if you did it because your market analysts said that you should at least offer it even if you had not intention of supporting it.

I look forward to hearing a non generic answer like “we are working on it” as to what real world timelines are for these controllers, or i’ll start investing my time in converting my library to Rekordbox or Serato and rebuilding Spotify playlists in Pulselocker (which will even let me save playlists locally for offline mixing… I know you are limited by licensing… but still). Since both of those platforms offer more features (flip, pitch n time, DVS support), significantly lower latency for jogs and hotcues, and overall higher software stability there is a real chance that if support does not come soon that I wont be the only one looking to other options.

I would prefer to continue to carry the DJay Pro flag for you into battle, but if you don’t have my, or any of your other users backs when it comes to top level, industry leading hardware support… I may need to change allegiances to someone who will.

Hi Michael,

thank you for your feedback.

We are adding controllers according to the user demand and feedback we receive.

The SX3 is on our agenda as well, thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Stay tuned, we will keep you posted.

@stuart, any update on the headphone que working?

This is a pointless and stupid rant.

Those controllers are for Serato and Rekordbox. They never promised to support Djay Pro. Djay Pro never promised to support them. In other words, nobody owes you jack.

You want to use a controller that isn’t officially supported? You learn how to map it yourself. A five year old could map a controller in 20 minutes. That’s how easy it is.

Too chicken to learn how to map a controller? Buy something from the list of officially supported controllers.

Either way, quit whining.

I have been using a Reloop Beattpad 2 and then moved to a Mixon 4. Used them both with my iPad. Liked the platform. I just got a Pioneer DDJ SX3 and was planning on using it with Djay Pro for Windows. I figured it would work as it supports the SX1 and SX2… Downloaded the Windows demo and it does not work. I hope they Algoriddim adds support soon. If they do I will purchase Djay Pro for Windows. If not, I will change to Serato.

ive mapped the shit out of it … headphone cue wont work whateveri do gotta wait for an update i reckon