Support for Seagate GoFlex Satellite

please find a way to support the GFS so we can have access to our 500GB of music,
and make djay a useable option for “pro” DJ’s


Cool Dan! What is the name of the downloader?


I can see the appeal of this, however with that near-unending choice wouldn’t that make choosing the next track a nightmare?!

I think that 64Gb is more than plenty to load up a few reliable sets of tracks plus a playlist or two of party classics that I can always drop in case of emergency. In fact I’m just about coping with a 16Gb iPad 3.

I guess space would only be an issue if you wanted to mix with wav (or other high space formats) or with video (on vjay). Either way, the workaround is to plan ahead and have a few fallbacks to rely on, just in case.

Don’t forget that in order to play a track the app will need to cache it locally, so even with 500Gb available you would be slowly caching the content onto your iOS device.

At the moment I don’t think there’s a piece of code (API) that will let any app developer access content on an external hard disk…it’s something specific to photos (I believe) and the GFS product.

choosing next song a nightmare? how?
i know what track i want next…
i search for it
find it 5 seconds later…
and load it up…
piece of cake

i want availability to my ENTIRE library
(all 300GB) not just very small portion of it in low sound quality

also, my TOP songs are ALL in .wav, because YES it does make a difference to those who can hear and those who use a REAL sound system

I’m strongly supporting this idea, I’m part time VJ so with the GoFlex satellite. It really make sense bring it to my big events!

Yeah it’s always better to have access to more music than not…really has nothing to do with “planning ahead”…a lot of us perform at events that require a wide variety of music so we can’t just bring 1 or 2 playlists…and the ability and requirement of reading the dance floor makes it imperative to have a full library.

Having said that, I think this problem is more of an Apple limitation than anything that Djay can do…do you think?

Has anyone had any luck with the iFlashdrive by Hyperdrive? I think it’s a bit similar to the Goflex as in you have to import the song to do anything to do with it…and I think this is where Djay could step up…most of you are more computer intelligent than myself but couldn’t Djay allow for a “cache” option (I’m sure that’s not the correct terminology) so this might work? Maybe it would even allow us to use a cloud storage at locations that had wifi…

The answer to all of this may come in the form of Numark’s iDJ pro…this just might be awesome. You can play music off your iPad and also hook up an external storage device…AND play from cloud storage if wifi is present…

If you have a GoFlex Satellite drive and Djay installed on your ipad, you can access songs from the GoFlex and play them on the ipad via the Djay app. You have to install a file downloader from the app store and access the GoFlex from the downloader app. VERY IMPORTANT!!..The file downloader app MUST have an “Open In” option. I know for a fact that his works, as I use the GOFlex to access the rest of my music library while working and event.

I will probably be posting a video on youtube in the next couple of weeks showing how its done.

Yes this is a tedious process and it’s by no means an elegant or intuitive process, but it is used only for those times when a song is needed that is not stored on the iPad. BTW - I now use a different file downloader that does not require you to rename the file. It’s a solution for those that would rather have the song available and not need it, that need the song and not have it. Definitely used as sparingly as possible. But, it does work and it’s better than telling your customer “No, I don’t have that song.”.

I have been using iDownloads PLUS. Just google it and it should be at the top of the list.

If you’ve updated your iPad to ios7, you MUST update the firmware on the GoFlex drive or it will not work properly. After I updated the firmware on the GoFlex drive, the downloader worked properly with djay2…

Hi John,

This is the video you commented on about a month ago. I have switched to a different downloader since I made this video. You no longer have to enter the name of the file. The downloader I now use is iDownloads PLUS by Amad Marwat. As I’ve stated in the past, it is not an elegant solution, but it does work. I can load any song from the GoFlex to the iPad in 30 seconds. You do have to be careful not to push the wrong thing or the downloader will open the song in its own player. Though, once you get used to the process, it’s relatively quick and very reliable.

Totally understand. I use a laptop for the bigger parties and bring the iPad to events that I’ve done in the past where I have a real good idea of what the guests are looking for. This assures the GoFlex will be used sparingly. Another idea is to use the iPad/GoFlex combo when you’re contracted to do an event with minimal space and, often, minimal compensation. Also, I’m looking in to getting a portable powered speaker. This will give me the ability to play at an area that does not have power; such as a park or an outdoor ceremony.

Seems like a very nice product, but may be a bit more than what I need. Obviously, each DJ’s situation is different. I have been looking at the Alesis TransActive. It’s not as encompassing as the Roland, but sells new for only $199 and is loud enough for wedding ceremony music or a small to mid-sized cocktail hour. Had a demo at my local Guitar Center and was impressed. I could even get two of them and have one hooked up via the cable and place the other up to about 40 feet away via bluetooth. Right now I am using a pair of Roland CM-30’s for ceremonies, but they are AC powered only.…

Djay won’t play music from the Cloud. It will only play music held locally on the iPad. This was a huge disappointment to me after I picked up the iDJ Pro. The Cloud songs are grayed out. You have to go into iTunes, click “download from Cloud” arrow and then jump back into Djay… all while your current track is winding down. Plus, if you’ve loaded up your iPad with all the songs you thought you’d need, iCloud won’t allow the download to a full hard drive.

I have Djay running on a ipad2 32g connected to a Numark Mixdeck Quad(just got both the software & hardware this last week). I love the potential, but need access to the rest of my collection (over 100,000 songs). SInce, so far Djay is better then the crapware Serato Intro, it can’t load a library to save its bits!

If there was a way for Djay to use the USB ports on the Mixdeck (or other such device) that would be the best!

Or is it possible to run a couple of Goflex wireless drives? Or setup a laptop and do some kind of ad-hoac network to big drives?

Please post your video when you can.

Thanks, I did see this video. Entering the name was not something I would be comfortable doing during a gig. Hitting the wrong key would also be rather annoying. Still, the djay app and the wifi drive would work, just not as smoothly as I would like. As a backup to my regular system it’s pretty good.

I would like to have an option in djay to lose the spinning discs for the same reason. It’s all to easy to brush them as they dominate the screen. I would prefer seeing more space dedicated to the playlist. Gigs can get hectic enough without the extra chances of screwing up. At least for me.

Booth ideas make sense.

I was looking at the Roland 330 for just such an event.…

I know this isn’t because of the app, it’s apparently the way apple allows access, it doesn’t. The jumping in and out isn’t a good solution and it’s also easy to begin playing the song from iTunes when attempting to download it. Not good.

The access to a wifi drive is equally tedious.