Support for Vestax Typhoon?

Last Weekend i bought a Vestax Typhoon DJ-Controler witch has only Support for Serato or Virtual DJ Software. Is there a chance that DJay will support this controller in the near Future?

Hi Oliver,

You can still use your controller via “MIDI learn”. Simply open “Configure…” from the “MIDI” menu to start mapping your controller.

If you need any help, just let me know.

Hi Kalen,

Open “Configure” from the “MIDI” menu to start mapping your controller. Then to map, it’s basically:

  1. press a button on your controller
  2. choose a category from the first dropdown menu
  3. choose an action within that category from the 2nd dropdown menu
  4. repeat the first 3 steps for all buttons/knobs, etc.
  5. hit “Done”

Thanks for your message. I returned the Typhoon to the dealer and choose the “spin” Controller. This one work’s perfect with djay!

So, the request can be closed.
Thank you!

Trying to MAP my Typhoon but cannot seem to find any information on how to map… any tips to help me figure this out?