Support SR2 and DDJ-800 iOS App!

Hi, everybody!
After several years of experimentation and challenge to other DJs who didn’t believe in this product…
Starting from an ipad mini 2 to 32gb with a wego3 to get to a sb3 with ipad pro 256 [and all the possibilities that the usb-c socket allows you] 
The app is perfect and perfect… but controllers and compatibility remains a problem.
Last night I played a DJ set back 2 backs with another DJ.
sb3+ipad pro+djay vs sr2+mac+serato

Great, but I’m jealous… I wish I’d connected with the Sr2.
More controls (see samples) more light… more everything…

This morning [but I already knew] that the sr is compatible… I search on ebay amazon and I find them but they are all used… the sr2 stores are full of them…

But how hasn’t the compatibility been extended? they seem to be the same advanced machines… but…

Djay has some plans for a controller that would be perfect.
I’m talking about pioneer because in July I bought mixon 4 but I’m back to pioneer … it’s a different story…


[another controller is ddj-800 pleaseeeee]

Hi Massimo,

Thank you for getting in touch.

The SR 2 and 800 are not supported with the iOS App at the moment but with our Mac version djay Pro 2.

Nevertheless, I pushed the iOS support request internally and want to thank you for pointing this out.


Lukas E.


ios and windows desperatley need a controller that is a bit more pro


i dont want to buy a mac

Any news on Pioneer DDJ SR2 support for iOS DJ Pro?

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