Supported controllers for iPad Pro 2018 (USB-C) and Djay Pro 2.x

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Since I own a iPad Pro 2018 with usb-c, I can’t use my Numark iDJ pro anymore.

I am aware of the official list of supported controllers on the Algoriddim website but there are 2 things which are not clear :

1/ are all controllers in the iOS list supported on iPad Pro 2018 (the Numark iDJ pro isn’t) with a usb-c to usb-a or usb-b adapter ?

2/ is this list for djay Pro 3.x only or 2.x also ? I am happy with the 2.x version and I don’t need to upgrade.

I am really keen to buy a pioneer controller like the ddj-400 but I want to be sure it’ll work with my version of djay pro.

Also what will happen if I plug a ddj-1000, which is not in the supported list ?

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Have anyone can up with a solution of using a Numark IDJ pro with iPads with usb-c ports


We state the compatibility of our application in general with the stated controllers with our latest application (in this case djay for iOS, version 3.x).
The iDJ Pro controller is compatible with our application but the controller is at the moment not able to communicate with USB C iOS devices.
Please contact the Hardware distributor in order to stress this.

The DDJ 400 is stated as a natively supported controller on the Hardware list and can be used with all djay for iOS supported iPads with the according adapter as it is using a general USB B connection.

The DDJ 1000 is not on the natively supported controller list at the moment, therefore, it is not supported right now.
I forwarded your request of a native mapping internally.

yes this needs to be updated…

Tomorrow I will try the iPad Pro 2018 with a DDJ SX2. Will let you know.


Hi all,

So the ddj sx2 works well with the iPad Pro 2018 when using a USB-C to usb-a adapter (the one from apple with hdmi, USB-C and usb-a. I actually used a copy).

However it requires djay pro 3.x, it didn’t work in djay pro 2.

I checked pretty much all the features : effects, samples, mixer, loops, cue points, jog wheels, etc… and everything worked perfectly. Even the strip used to go anywhere in the track worked well. It really looks like a good mapping. However note I spent about 30 minutes testing without an exhaustive list of all features so I might have missed something…

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Hi Luke,

How do we request a native support of DDJ-1000 on iOS ?

I bought a DDJ 1000 2 weeks ago and it’s actually much more pleasant to use on my iPad Pro than on windows. The interface is much more responsive but unfortunately only the midi controller part works which means the audio comes out of the iPad, there is no pre cueing (because my iPad doesn’t have a headphone jack) and most filters don’t work. The jog wheel displays also don’t work.

It’s okay to practice in my bedroom but definitely not for any serious work.


I’d like to know the answer to this, I have the new iPad Pro 2018 with USB-C and I’m am thinking of buying a DDJ-400.

Cool cheers!

Thanks Lukas

Thanks for checking! Cheers.

please add the ddj1000 and ddj800 to the list of ios controllers so i can buy one and get subscribed to djay pro 2

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Same here , really need a solution why numark or Apple have an adapter for new iPad Pro, I’ve spent lots of wasted money all different adapters and nothing works