supported midi controllers and why are you not addressing the issue that everyone wants something doing about by adding more

i bought djay 1 for my iphone n thought it was a great app bought djay too for it as soon as it came out then bought it for my ipads with all the in app extras cause the app is great but i am starting to lose faith in the app as you do not update the list of supported controllers and only have midi support for a select few controllers for the ipad and iphone versions of djay (and lets face it all the controllers you decided to support are how do i say this with out swearing ahh yes thats it i would rather give up mixing than go out n buy any of the midi controllers that you do support ) i think you have made us fans of your app2 wait long enough for you guys to cover this issue and add midi support for controllers that people want to buy if not i will be forced to stop using and promoting your apps in favour of ones like DJ Player or EDJ / Turntable Dj even Cross Dj has started to do this their designers pay attention to customer support questions or requests and update their supported midi controllers lists and also have midi learn on their iphone and ipad apps and they are all smaller companies with fewer people to work on their apps than your company so if they can do it that easy why cant you guys its not that hard to add extra midi maps to your supported controller lists i think you guys already have all the midi mappings to do this simple action that would make everyone of your customers on your ipads and iphones Apps extremely happy and grateful, but im starting to come to the conclusion that either you just dont want to help your loyal fans or just cant be bother’d too as an app i would of given 8-10 out of 10 rating for it but as for customer support listening or doing something as simple as this for their countless loyal fans like adding more supported controllers i give 1 out of 10 you might think it a bit harsh but i watched djay grow from the start and bought all your apps the only updates to the controller supports were for controllers no one in their right mind would buy ( is that because your hardware partners wont pay you a commission for each and every controller you add to your list ? )

Do you realize that you posted ONE GIANT SENTENCE that is VERY hard to read.

Can you fix it and put some PERIODS, COMMAS, etc. so those of us with some bit of intelligence can read what the heck you are trying to say.

Come on people…! And you want them to try and read this crap!

Haha… true.

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